Jono Hennessy

Jono’s major influences are art, nature, fashion and design. Always the first influences are the new coming looks in clothing and fashion as glasses should relate to these new styles and looks. There aren’t many optical designers who travel with their own antique metal file handcrafting eyewear samples to get the shape and fit just right, but then again, Jono isn’t your usual designer. When it comes to designing fashionable eyewear, it’s all about creating something new and being excited by change.

We’re inspired by challenging what’s acceptable and from this, creating fresh designs that people not only like but look great wearing. Almost anything can influence a collection, from nature to fashion. Jono’s eccentric flair for life is an embodiment of the Jono Limited Edition brand, but underneath the mayhem is a product that Jono takes very seriously. Whether it is supporting the collaboration between independent designers and independent optometrists around the world, hand filing his own samples or creating unique and individual pieces that always deliver; Jono always puts the needs of the optometrists and their clients first. We see a great future in the collaboration between the independent designer and the independent optician working together to create something individual and dynamic, and hopefully creating.

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