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Dry Eye

Dry eye can affect anyone at any age. Not only can you experience the discomfort associated with dry eye, you can also experience blur in your vision and difficulty focusing.  The key to treatment of dry eye comes in proper assessment and classification of dry eye. Unfortunately, without  proper classification the treatment and management of dry eye is hit and miss.

At Eye Envy Optometrist we offer many services to treat and manage dry eye, from nutritional advice to on-site treatments.

We offer Blephasteam in-store which is a successful treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction. This uses the power of heat and moisture to increase blood flow and decongest the meibomian glands, which in turn increases the production of the oil component of the tears.

The antibacterial and healing benefits of honey is well established and this benefit is now offered for the eyes with OptiMel Antibacterial Manuka honey eye gel. This is the first therapeutically regulated honey product for eye care professionals.

IPL or Intense Pulse Light treatment for dry eye is a proven and safe method for treating dry eye and ocular rosacea. This newest form of dry eye therapy is currently offered at Eye Envy and we are the only optometrist in Morayfield to offer this service. Lumenis IPL is offered on-site and is the gold standard in IPL treatments for dry eye disease. This device offers optimal pulse technology which provides reproducible results, as well as a much gentler and more comfortable treatment than other IPL options. It is the world leader in this class of device.

To find out more about dry eye, book your bulk billed appointment with one of our optometrists.