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Macula Degeneration

Macula degeneration (MD) is a disease associated with ageing and leads to damage of your central vision. The macula is the part of your retina which is responsible for your central vision. It is the area of your retina which offers the highest resolution, giving you the clearest vision when driving and reading fine details.

Macula degeneration unfortunately has no cure, but there are treatments available to slow its progression. Early detection is the key. As many changes happen under the surface of the retina, you need the right equipment to make the diagnosis. Currently an OCT is the only instrument which allows you to see under the macula, as a digital retinal photograph does not show the area that needs monitoring. At Eye Envy we offer this service to accurately assess your eye for this disease.

There are many risk factors for developing macula degeneration, as well as ways to reduce your risk and defend your macula against this disease. A few ways in which you can reduce your risk include; modifying your diet and protecting against UV exposure. We can now offer blue blocking coatings; for example, Prevencia and Satin Blue UV to help protect your macula from UV light and blue light which is proving to be just as damaging as ultraviolet light.

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